The Swedish Carnivore Association urges against record-breaking lynx hunt after the largest Swedish wolf hunt in history.

Another record-breaking hunt

This year started with the largest wolf hunt in history, and now it is time for the lynx. Sweden’s only wild cat that does little to no damage to livestock is now being hunted purely for sport. Last year, over 200 foreign trophy hunters even travelled to Sweden to hunt our lynx. There are circa 1450 lynx in Sweden (around 300 fewer than 10 years ago), and now 201 of them will be shot starting March 1:st. The lynx hunt is not only unnecessary and cruel, it also affects the longevity of the species in the Nordic countries. 

– The fact that this hunt is allowed in a country that prides itself on being progressive and environmentally friendly is nothing short of shameful, says Magnus Orrebrant who is chair of the Swedish Carnivore Association’s board.  

Unethical hunt

The trophy hunt starts right in the middle of the lynx’s short mating season, which is a clear breach of the EU Habitats Directive. The hunting practice is also extremely unethical. Hunters use dogs to pursue and cause enough stress to chase the lynx up a tree, where it is an easy target for the hunter’s rifle. Lynx kits that are still growing are often left to fend for themselves when their mother has been shot. 

– The lynx hunt is promoted by a small interest group that hunt them for the sport, and to get a trophy. Of course, the lynx also eat the deer that the hunters want to shoot themselves. Lynx do very little damage to livestock in Sweden, so there is really no good reason to hunt them. Most people in Sweden are not aware that this happens yearly, perhaps that is the reason it can still go on, says Magnus Orrebrant.

Popular carnivore

Few are lucky enough to see lynx in the wild, and witnessing their beauty is an experience of a lifetime. The lynx is Sweden’s most popular carnivore according to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. A majority of the population also believe that the lynx should have a place in Swedish nature. So why is this environmentally hostile and highly unethical practice still allowed?

The Swedish Carnivore Association now urges people to take action against the unethical lynx hunt with a campaign that has already gathered more than 6000 signatures. 

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Ditt stöd är viktigt för att hjälpa oss i vårt arbete för att våra stora svenska rovdjur ska få leva kvar i vår natur. De är ovärderliga.


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